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Hack Freak Nerd Party VII


This HFNP was helt at Weynand's place in Rotterdam on may 16, 1998. It was quite hot, and therefore some people decided to spend there time in other places (wrong!) ;-). The party started at about 11:00.

The partyplace

For the first time we had something completely new. Frank was there to demonstrate his midi equipment. He had a very nice setup and quite loud speakers.

Frank's setup

Ofcourse people also played games. Ofcourse Quake II (the only recent game which runs on Linux) and there were two playstations.

Multiplayer playstation gaming

Weynand and Mark demontrated the LCD project. They brought some demontration programs (a picture to LCD convertor). Carlo got a great idea and started porting life to the LCD. With the Klaas and Arjan they got it working:

Life on LCD! (Click to see AVI)

People hacking the LCD

After playing around some more with the LCD Carlo also made a X window grabber, which could display a X window on the LCD. So we actually got Quake II running on the thing!

Erik was working on his new book and was trying to convert the first two to html, but didn't succeed (yet).

Erik left his computer for inspiration

Ofcourse people brought their new hardware. Weynand was quite busy building his new Linux server.

Weynand working in his computer

Koen brought to IBM's which he was installing and was trying to get the Debian 2.0 Linux distribution working on his PC.

Koen installing his machines

The party ended at about 02:30 on may 17th.

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