Hack Freak Nerd Party II

Hack Freak Nerd Party II

Last Update: May 5, 1997 21:47


The second HFNP was held on February 24, 1996 at Jan's home, on Javastraat 47f, The Hague (Holland). It started at 12:00 and ended somewhere around 05:00 the next morning (though opinions differ about that last fact).

Who was there ?

The guests (nerds) at the second HFNP where in order of arrival: Jan, Elmar, Carlo, Arjan, Vincent, Rob, Klaas, Erik, Thom, Mark, Wido-Bart and Aernoud.

In what order did they leave ?

The order of leaving was: Erik, Klaas, Rob, Aernoud, Carlo, Wido-Bart, Arjan, Mark, Elmar, Vincent, Thom and Jan.

Who weren't there ?

We'll, ofcourse some 5 billion weren't there, but the people who were invited and couldn't be there, or were afraid of the social environment, were: Mark Verboom, Paul Citroen, Ard Bout, Jan Willem van Dalfsen, Arno Griffioen and Marcel Raap.

Connectivity ?

The Internet connectivity to this HFNP (28k8 leased line) has been sponsored by Internet Exchange Europe.

What happend ?

What interesting things happen at a HFNP ? Well, things like:

What didn't happen ?

What things don't happen at a HFNP and why not ? Well, either because the are boring or forgotten. Like:


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