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Hack Freak Nerd Party I


The first real Hack Freak Nerd Party was in late 1995 in the old Internet Exchange Europe rooms on Lange Voorhout 9, The Hague (The Netherlands). IXE was moving to some new rooms so this was an excellent opertunity to tear the place down.

The party started at friday evening, when hardware was installed and games were played. Then it continued throughout saturday.

Who was there ?

The guests (nerds) at the first HFNP where: Carlo, Vincent, Klaas, Aernoud, Jan, Thom and much, much others.

Connectivity ?

The Internet connectivity to this HFNP (10 Mbit ethernet) was sponsored by Internet Exchange Europe. This was easy as it was previously IXE headquarters, so all connectivity was already there.

What happend ?

What interesting things happen at this first HFNP ?

What didn't happen ?

We'll, what should have happend did not happen enough: hacking, freaking and nerding.

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